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Conduct Face-to-Face Mobile App Testing Sessions with Your Target Audience

There is nothing more valuable than speaking with your target customer face to face via our remote moderated testing feature!

With our remote moderated mobile app testing feature, you can conduct remote studies with your target customer in an interview-like setting to gather a myriad of verbal and nonverbal data about their opinions.

Create, schedule and conduct moderated mobile app testing in 4 simple steps


Launch a
Moderated Study

Create a study in under a minute – a very simple process. Choose to supply your own participants, or ask Userlytics to provide them using our worldwide panel of over 2 million.



Create session slots for your participants to pick and choose from with our easy scheduling tool. The calendar even connects to your personal calendar to ensure you never miss a session!


 Conduct the

Connect to the session and guide the user through the user experience test yourself, or with the help of an experienced UX moderator. Observe your target persona and take notes while completing tasks on your digital assets.


the Data

Review the test recordings and the qualitative/quantitative metrics, and obtain invaluable feedback to improve customer & user satisfaction.

remote moderated mobile app testing enviroment
Moderated Studies

Advanced features like no download, invisible observers, a chat feature and more

The Userlytics Recorder does not require participants to download any application or extension to participate in a moderated study. Additionally, our moderated mobile app testing feature does not require you to modify your digital asset, and no SDK is required.

Our advanced moderated recorder also allows for valuable features like multiple invisible observers and a participant and observer chat feature. This allows you to collect feedback from your participant and your teammates during the study, creating more opportunities to collect valuable UX insights.

Let’s work together on your
next UX study

Create positive user experiences and keep customers loyal to your product and brand.

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Userlytics tells you WHY.