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X-Second / Five Second Testing: Unlock Immediate User Reactions with a Glimpse

Key Features

1- Unmoderated Studies


Ensures flawless operation on both mobile and desktop platforms, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage across all user devices and enhancing the effectiveness of Five Second Testing.



Supports every testing approach, from unmoderated to moderated, making the X-Second Test (Five Second Test) a versatile tool for all your usability testing needs.


No Extra

As part of all Userlytics subscription plans, the X-Second Test offers significant added value, providing access to industry-standard 5-second testing without any additional fees.

Why Choose The X-Second Test?

  • Capture Unconscious Reactions: Uncover what truly stands out to your audience at a glance with our specialized approach to Five Second Testing, revealing insights that might otherwise remain hidden.
  • Streamlined User Experience: With a straightforward setup and execution process, the X-Second Test allows you to focus on what matters most – understanding your users through quick, initial impressions.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Engage participants with a dynamic and interactive approach, optimized for the 5-second window, leading to richer and more authentic feedback.

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