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User Testing Panel – Find the ideal participants for your research

Our user testing panel of over 2 million participants are spread across the world so you can test with users in their natural environment. We will help you find the target Persona you are looking for. Get powerful insights and make data-informed decisions with the Userlytics state of the art user research platform.

Panel Userlytics

The largest, most diverse panel of any user testing platform

Finding the perfect participants for your study is easy! Just define your participants’ demographic filters, such as their country, age, gender, education, employment, income, and more. You even have the option of adding custom screener questions to the beginning of your study to further narrow your participants!

Whether you’re interested in targeting participants from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia/New Zealand or elsewhere, our global panel of over 2 million participants in over 150 different countries has you covered. 

The largest, most diverse user testing panel of any ux testing platform

Global panel demographics

User Testing Panel Userlytics

Panel contains over 2 million testers in over 150 countries.

Our panel is an accurate representation of each country’s demographics. The panel is approximately 65% male, and 35% female. No matter what geographical location you are trying to target, what language group, what age bracket, or what income level, or panel is diverse enough to meet your unique study needs.

Recruit niche User Testing Panel

We can recruit niche profiles quickly and efficiently.

Examples of profiles we have recruited for: Neurosurgeons, C-suites for medium and large enterprises, medical profiles of all sorts (doctors, surgeons, physicians, etc.), architects specializing in flat roofing, luxury car shoppers / auction house users, SaaS sales reps, cancer survivors that took opioids for treatment, etc.

Advanced & customizable panel management

NDAs for secure user testing of confidential prototypes -

All participants sign non-disclosure clauses. If needed, we can even create a specific NDA for your project.

Private labeled participant landing pages - Team of experts Userlytics

Keep your studies on brand by personalizing your participants’ landing page.

Multi language participant landing page and recorder UI  -

Change your participants’ landing page and study experience to the language of your choice.

Multi language transcriptions

Our platform provides searchable, time stamped and hyperlinked transcriptions of study video sessions in numerous languages.

Simple device requirements

Participants only need a high speed Internet connection. They can use Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.

Quality assurance of every result - Panel Userlytics

Every Userlytics’ participant result is reviewed by our QA team. So that you obtain the highest quality feedback.

Bring your own participants if our user testing panel isn't enough

Bring your own participants

Userlytics also gives you the option to supply your own participants for your usability study if you prefer.

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