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Unlimited user experience features,Userlytics Unlimited Enterprise plan

Maximize Your Usability Testing Tools Potential with Userlytics’ Enterprise Plan

Enjoy the perks of UNLIMITED accounts, studies and features

Unlimited is always better. This is why our Enterprise plan has: Unlimited Creator, Viewer, and Editor seats, Unlimited concurrent studies, Unlimited screener questions, Unlimited users per test, and more!

Improve your user experience
in just 3 easy steps


Choose Topic and Create Study

Consider your UX testing goals. Then, create your study with Userlytics’ study builder, choosing from various study types and qualitative/quantitative activities to gather insights. Get help from our UX Consulting team if needed. 

Userltyics' Testing tool environment

Recruit and Conduct Study

Access Userlytics’ panel of 2 million global participants, specify demographic criteria, or bring your own users. Conduct the study using testing tools provided by Userlytics, such as  time on task, net promoter score, card sorting, tree testing, and more. 

Userlytics’ panel of 2 million global participants in a test study

Analyze Results

Use Userlytics’ analytics dashboards, which includes tools like highlight reels, transcriptions, AI UX Analysis, and Sentiment Analysis, to gain insights into your user experience. Make actionable changes to improve your customer and user experience.  

Userlytics’ analytics dashboards

Analyze study results with
the best UX tools

You will quickly obtain both qualitative and quantitative data, advanced metrics and graphical reports.

Quickly sort through and organize your data with advanced features like automated, time stamped, searchable and hyperlinked transcriptions, shareable annotations and highlight reels, and much more. Click on the tools to learn more:

  • Highlight reels

    A collection of annotated and hyperlinked video clips of key study moments.

  • Advanced metrics

    Quantitative and qualitative UX insights gathered from your study activities that can be used to improve your customer experience.

  • Transcriptions

    AI based audio transcriptions that are time-stamped and searchable, allowing you to locate and jump to key session moments. In over 23 languages!

  • QA review of all results

    A Userlytics expert will assess each participant’s study result for quality.

  • Sentiment analysis

    AI technology that analyzes and categorizes your participants’ emotional tone & state of mind.

  • Shareable video clips and result

    Share video clips and study results with key stakeholders and colleagues with a simple link.

  • Unlimited data storage

    Unlimited storage of study results and metrics, so you can keep gathering UX insights without worry.

  • Downloadable metrics

    Download your study metrics into a CSV file with the click of a button for easy sharing and analysis.

  • Session Flagging

    Flag key moments in Moderated Testing with your study participants to easily return to them later.

  • ISO27001 and GDPR compliant

    Compliant with the top data protection certifications in the world so you know your data is safe and secure. The ONLY leading user testing platform with all EU data hosted and processed within the EU.

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    Manage access to the Userlytics platform through your enterprise SSO.

Diverse Methodologies for Comprehensive Usability Testing

User conducting a test on a computer class=

Thinking Aloud

User experience

Content Testing

User experience

Information Architecture

User experience

Quantitative Testing

User experience


Global Reach: Test Usability in Over 20 Languages with Userlytics

Write your test instructions and questions in any language.  In addition, choose from over 20 pre-defined languages for the study recorder UI and participant landing pages, or ask your Account Manager to add a new language for you.

Userlytics Platform with over 20 languages supported
Remote users conduct a test

Your user experience is our priority

Our simplified onboarding process guides you all the way from registration to launching your first usability test, and each client receives a minimum of a one-hour session with a dedicated account manager. Access to senior UX consultants to help you design a test plan, moderate sessions and receive detailed recommendations. The training and onboarding process is even recorded  and shared with you, making it that much easier for you to create your first study! We also offer an online resource hub with expert UX insight.

User Experience Platform

Easily connect your prototypes with our Remote User Experience Platform

Userlytics’ platform is fully compatible with prototypes built on Adobe XD, Axure, Figma, Framer, InVision and Sketch.

Userlytics's easy connection to major prototype platform

User Experience Platform

Let’s work together on your
next UX study

Create positive user experiences and keep customers loyal to your product and brand.

Analytics tells you what,
Userlytics tells you WHY.