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User test your concept sketches, wireframes, and prototypes

Userlytics allows you to conduct prototype testing throughout the user experience design and development process. This includes everything from concept sketches and wireframes, to high fidelity prototypes.

Our detailed study metrics will give you validation of your proof of concept, thus ensuring that you’re on the right track. Or, if you encounter issues with your prototype, these insights can help you resolve any pain points and implement the right changes.

User test your concept sketches, wireframes, and prototypes
User test your prototypes early and often
Multi-channel Testing

User test your prototypes early and often

Historically, user testing on website or mobile apps was done in a moderated setting creating a high cost, low scale approach. Because of this, user testing was limited to being done at an early stage or right before product launch.

Now, with our state-of-the-art prototype testing capability, you can set up a prototype study in just 5 minutes, and receive the results within hours!

Compatible with all prototyping platforms

The Userlytics platform is compatible with all prototyping platforms including, Invision, Figma, Marvel, Axure, JustInMind, UxPin and more.
If your mobile app is at a high fidelity stage and ready for launch in TestFlight or the Google Play equivalent, Userlytics can project manage the entire process

Compatible with all prototyping platforms
Test at every stage of prototype development
User Testing for Mobile Apps

Test at every stage of prototype development

Once you have created your design mockup, you can simply use the URL provided as your destination URL when creating your test, or ask participants to visit more than one URL at different stages in the Test Script. This allows you to make quick iterations to your designs and launch multiple tests at every stage of the product development lifecycle!

Test with your target customer

Testing with your target customer is essential in gaining the results and insights needed to make the right tweaks and changes to your product.

Userlytics provides advanced demographic filters ensuring that your participants are your ideal customer. From country, state, age, household income, education level, social networking sites, and more, you can filter your participants as you please. And we also provide the ability to define or upload behavioral screener questions.

Large and diverse panel

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