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Target your exact customer with our advanced participant recruitment

Userlytics combines a state-of-the-art user testing platform with user research recruitment from a global panel of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe willing to provide critical feedback from their homes and offices.

Set up a test in minutes and receive qualitative user experience research results in hours from anywhere in the globe.

Participant Recruitment
Global panel

A global user testing panel of over 2 million participants

It is critical that the participants providing you feedback correspond to your target. At Userlytics we leverage demographic filters. Define the age, gender, household income, country, state, education level, employment, family status, social networks, browser, or technology preference of your target participant profile. And add a custom screener to find out behavioral traits, such as travel frequency, usage of certain services or products, or any other.

Additionally, automatic IP tracking of location, and all results are systematically reviewed with a thorough quality assurance process.

Target niche profiles with participant recruitment

Need to target snowboarders in Japan who speak English? Not a problem. Capetown, South Africa residents in charge of their utility bill with greater than 45 K Rand household income? We’ve done that. Middle School teachers in Singapore? Chip Designers in California? We have run projects to provide over 200 of them. Respiratory therapists? Absolutely. Small company owners and administrators? Done. Residents of Norway in need of a doctor for their child to test an interactive app? Our user testing panel of over 2 million participants has you covered.

Leave the hard work to us

We can project manage all of your B2C and B2B user research recruitment requirements, whether from within our user testing panel of hundreds of thousands of participants, or as a custom recruitment project.

Need to run mobile app prototype user testing with hundreds of participants simultaneously (and concurrently) user testing your social app prototype? Yes, we also do that.

Need to run a test where participants go through a real checkout process, and pay real money? We can also project manage that for you.

Participant recruitment options to suit your needs

Use our global user testing panel, or leverage our BYOU system (bring your own users) to onboard the perfect participants for your studies.

You can also leverage our advanced redirect and unique identifier (UID) system to onboard participants provided by a third party.

Target B2C or B2B participants, anywhere, anytime with our customized “On Premise” system and license. Locate all your testing, participants and data within your organization’s firewall to conduct usability testing on your internal apps with your own employees. 

Bring your own participants
Picture-in-picture participant recording
Features Participant recruitment picture in picture

Picture-in-picture participant recording

Userlytics is the first qualitative user testing platform to offer picture-in-picture recording (webcam, screen and audio, plus quantitative metrics) of participants interacting with your prototypes or production websites and mobile apps from their homes or offices.

Thanks to the PiP webcam view, you not only receive superior insights, but also ensure the person providing feedback is actually your target persona

View study participants in their natural environment

On their own time. Real persons who do it for fun, and for a small incentive, but who are NOT “professional testers.”

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Create positive user experiences and keep customers loyal to your product and brand.

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Userlytics tells you WHY.