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Tap into your mobile customers

Your users are mobile. Your research should be too.

Whether you need to test responsive mobile websites, mockups, wireframes, or high fidelity prototypes, our flexible and compatible remote UX testing platform has you covered.

Mobile app testing tool
Effective Mobile app testing tool

Simple and effective mobile app testing

Our unique mobile app testing methodology allows you to test your app without an SDK, without exiting the target app, and without covering up valuable screen real estate with test instructions. You can test with small sample sizes on an ongoing basis to ensure your product is continually meeting your customers’ needs.

Increase retention and decrease mobile churn

You pay a very high cost of acquisition to get users to download your app. So improving app usability by creating an easy onboarding process, a cohesive design, and attractive features is crucial. A great UX allows users to download your app, use it frequently, and become a high value client.

Increase retention with Mobile app testing
Mobile app testing in All mobile devices
User Testing for Mobile Apps

Compatible across all types of devices

Testing on all types, makes and models of devices and operating systems is essential to guarantee the best UX.

Our advanced technology allows you to conduct studies on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, leverage our platform to conduct mobile app testing on high-fidelity prototypes available on popular platforms like the Apple Appstore (TestFlight) and Google Play.

Compare different versions of your digital asset

Run multiple usability studies and conduct A/B testing to gauge the impact of upcoming design and usability changes to the website, internet application, or content. Understand user preferences for your design alternatives.

You can even conduct user research on your competition to benchmark the usability and user experience of your website!

Compare Mobile app testing

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