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Launch of Sentiment Analysis Tool

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Launch of Sentiment Analysis Tool

Leading global UX research platform adds Amazon powered sentiment analysis to platform, allowing clients to instantly draw qualitative insights about their user experience

MIAMI, FL – July 5, 2022 — Userlytics, a leading global platform for extremely easy and scalable remote user experience testing based in Miami, has added an advanced artificial intelligence sentiment analysis to its enterprise user experience optimization platform capabilities. The feature determines whether a participant’s tone is positive, negative, or neutral for each moment in each qualitative session.s

The sentiment analysis tool has a variety of practical applications: in addition to providing instant, easily interpretable insights on the target customers’ feelings as they conduct user experience tasks, the tool will allow clients to quickly draw conclusions from A/B testing different variations of a digital product or competitor assets. Prior to launching this feature, clients conducting remote usability testing could spend a minimum of 10 hours per study reviewing videos to gather relevant qualitative insights. The tool will save clients significant time and energy, allowing them to conduct scale the number of user experience research studies they run to gather actionable insights to improve their UX.

The new feature has an extremely simple UI and only takes moments to work; after requesting a session transcription, a client simply needs to select the sentiment analysis button. Sections of the session transcription will then be highlighted in either green or red to signify whether the participant feels positive or negative about the topic or feature being discussed at the time-stamped moment. Clients will have the option to approve the AI generated sentiment analysis and can manually make changes if desired.

The new artificial intelligence sentiment analysis software adds to Userlytics’ growing list of competitive advantages in comparison to other remote usability testing platforms, including unlimited seats and accounts, native integration of remote information architecture testing techniques such as card sorting and tree testing, “invisible” observers for remote moderated sessions and in-depth interviews, unlimited storage of results, unlimited concurrent testing, unlimited participants per study, automated transcriptions, and automated translations of participant user interfaces.Learn more about Userlytics and its global panel of over 2 million study participants by checking out their website, pricing plans, or by scheduling a free demo. Follow Userlytics on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up with platform updates and special offers.

Launch of Sentiment Analysis Tool Launch of Sentiment Analysis Tool, Launch of Sentiment Analysis Tool

About Userlytics: 

Userlytics is a full featured state of the art user experience research platform with a global participant group of over 2 million panelists. Since 2009, Userlytics has been helping enterprises and agencies improve the user and customer experience of their websites, apps and prototypes. With a scalable pricing model and a diverse worldwide panel, Userlytics allows brands to run both moderated and unmoderated usability studies with as many or as few participants as they choose. In addition to its testing services, Userlytics offers a variety of optional UX Consulting including senior UX Consultants in both Europe (Madrid) and the U.S. (San Diego, Austin & Miami) who can help clients achieve actionable UX insights.

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