Biases in UX Research

In this episode, Sarita walks us through the ever-important topic of biases in UX research. We go deep into how insight validity and reliability are at stake if we can’t learn to acknowledge or become aware of the many biases that exist! From discussing the most prominent types to providing tips on how to overcome them and mitigating stakeholder bias in their own research, this episode is a must-listen, regardless of where you are in your UX journey.

Key points

  • Recognize you will never eliminate all biases, there are simply too many
  • Awareness is the most critical step in mitigating bias
  • Ensure your testing and results going through partner-review process
  • Leverage external support to help remove biases in both design and research
  • The more layers of data you have, the more validity and integrity your results will have
  • Learn to rely on technology that can help eliminate bias

Audio Credits: QubeSounds- Abstract Fashion Pop

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