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Over the past several years, the popularity and relevance of virtual reality has grown exponentially. Virtual reality offers every business the chance to rethink how they present to and engage with their customers. As both marketing and customer service tools, VR opens new possibilities for showcasing products and services. And further down the line, VR is likely to become a uniquely useful source of information on customer behavior.

Now, you can conduct user experience tests of virtual reality games, apps and prototypes that run on Oculus with Userlytics’ advanced UX testing platform, adding a whole new layer of customer insights you can obtain. Testing your virtual reality assets before they launch or between design iterations can help you understand the following:

  • Whether or not your VR asset is easy to navigate, or if there are glitches or errors preventing a seamless experience
  • Whether or not your customer would be inclined to buy your product or service after interacting with your VR asset
  • Suggestions your customer may have for improving your VR asset

And more…

Take your brand to the future with virtual reality testing

VR UX study design and testing made simple

Designing a VR usability study on our platform is simple with our straightforward study builder.

Advanced reporting system

Leverage our highlight reels, annotations, and series of quantitative metrics including card sorting, tree testing, and System Usability Scale (SUS) to gain a better understanding of your virtual reality asset’s UX.

Advanced reporting system for virtual reality testing
Professional Services and assistance on your virtual reality testing

Professional Services and assistance

In addition to our platform and global panel, we offer optional professional services such as study script design, analysis and reports with detailed recommendations, diary studies, project management, and more.

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